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The official Dosh website is the most complete web based source for the works of Kariel Gardosh, and his well-known creation, Srulik. The materials in this website were selected and edited by Daniella Gardosh-Santo and Michael Gardosh, Dosh’s children, out of their private collection and The Dosh Archive found in the National Library in Jerusalem, Israel.

The selection of Dosh’s works shown here documents his many areas of interest and reveals his exceptional talent and unique role in shaping the young State of Israel.

Srulik and “the spirit of Srulik" is Dosh’s most important legacy, behind which stands an unwavering belief in the State of Israel, the historical justice of its inception, the strength, vitality and resourcefulness of its people, its freedom of speech and self criticism, and the aspiration to create a just society which is connected to its Jewish roots.

This website was created to promote Dosh’s heritage and “the spirit of Srulik”. Daniella and Michael, the holders of Dosh’s copyrights, are most willing to cooperate with organizations and individuals who are interested in using the character of Srulik or other works created by Dosh.

Dosh (1921-2000)

Kariel Gardosh – political cartoonist, journalist, author and illustrator – known by his pen name Dosh, was one of the most influential cultural figures in the young State of Israel, from its inception and throughout the decades that followed. Dosh emigrated from Hungary after surviving WWII, and quickly adapted to life in Israel. Beginning his career as a journalist in the Jewish state, Dosh was inspired to create Srulik, a cartoon character of a young Sabra lad, which grew to become a cultural Israeli icon.

Dosh was a talented and diversified artist; his imagination and curiosity led him to work with a variety of subject matters and forms of expressions. The complete collection of his work is available in the National Library of Israel.


Srulik, the illustrated character of the ultimate Sabra, is without a doubt Dosh’s most well-known and important creation. Srulik first appeared in the weekly newspaper Ha’olam Ha-zeh in 1951. The character later followed along with Dosh to the daily newspaper Ma’ariv. He continued to appear in countless editorial cartoons, illustrations and designs which Dosh created up until his death. Srulik’s immense popularity carried him from the printed page into the commercial world. Since the early 1950s he has been featured on various products such as cigarette packs, hats, posters, postcards, magnets, mugs, T-shirts, and even a national stamp that was created celebrating 50 years of the State of Israel.

Until this day, Srulik remains the only visual representation in human form of Israel and the Jewish people in their old-new land. The character is still present in Israeli culture and journalism today. Various cartoonists have made use of Srulik in their own work, either lending him their own interpretation or in paying tribute to Dosh.


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